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Let’s get introduced …

ATSA Corp is a Data Science and Analytics company. We work with enterprises in the Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, from San Francisco to Monterey.

We believe that private enterprise should be profitable through productivity. Our aim is to help you achieve this by leveraging data.

We help you get a 360 degree view of your company. We streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration between people and departments. We automate businesses for process optimization, and help employees master the inevitable learning-curve. It your business need a customer face, we will get you that.

We collect your business data, and show trends by analyzing this data over time. We create interactive dashboards that check the pulse of your business in time. We create predictive models to help understand and forecast.

ATSA Corp embraces the cloud in business. We will help you migrate and operate in the cloud. For this we have partnered with Microsoft Corp.


Data Science 70%
Business Intelligence 80%
Dashboards 85%
Business Apps 85%
Cloud Adoption 75%

Aloke Mukherjee

Data Scientist

Veteran C# and VB programmer on .NET platform, with proficiency in R and Python, and newly acquired skill in using the Azure Machine Learning Studio for Data Science Experiments and publishing results as web services.
I have the curiousness, experience, pragmatism, perseverance and patience to shape algorithms into models and see them work. I can sort the signals from the noise then use analytics tools and methods to predict outcomes and user (customer) behavior - leveraging mathematics, and applied statistics with visualization and a healthy sense of exploration of large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
Strong in leadership roles and capacity to work as a team-player. Excellent communication skills grounded in cross-cutting knowledge of the technical, managerial and Accounting/FP&A fields.
Experience in Business Development and Client Relations.

Matt Potts

Director Strategy & Planning

Matt has worked as a management consultant now for over 20 years. His portfolio is full of IT and business operations projects which first address business requirements, and then develop into long term IT and operational strategies. Clients have included Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fitbit, SanDisk, Safeway, Visa, SF Dept. of Telecommunications, State of California Administrative Office of the Courts, the Federal Protective Service, among many others nationwide. Matt works on high visibility, mission critical projects, with thought leaders. A brief summary of projects includes: strategic plans for Superior Court data integrations (California Courts); design and development of a partner database of all Cisco partner Sales and Delivery performance WW; design and development of ETL processes for fast-moving startup environments (onboarding/off-boarding with cross functional integrations); and data warehouses which index millions of records across disparate organizations (i.e. Federal Protective Services aggregated arms and ammunitions data across federal regions).
Matt’s approach is always to use data insights from optimized data observations, leading to clearly defined business directions. Matt’s role is to act as a trusted advisor, and to lead clients into new directions – with new initiatives – also guiding organizations to optimized outcomes, all the while showing clearly defined achievements.

Mike Scirrocco

Chief Software Designer

Technologist, experienced in creating amazing software by design. With over 10 years of experience in the software and app development using waterfall as well as agile methods. Mike is an expert on the Microsoft development stack.

Sergio Rocha

Chief Business Development Officer

Over ten years of experience in the marketing and sales, Sergio is an expert in BizDev. Sergio has run his own IT business before he joined our company. A consummate entrepreneur, Sergio has brought the same keenness to the table at ATSA Corp.

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