About us

Let’s get introduced …

ATSA Corp is a Data Science and Analytics company. We work with enterprises in the Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, from San Francisco to Monterey.

We believe that private enterprise should be profitable through productivity. Our aim is to help you achieve this by leveraging data.

We help you get a 360 degree view of your company. We streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration between people and departments. We automate businesses for process optimization, and help employees master the inevitable learning-curve. It your business need a customer face, we will get you that.

We collect your business data, and show trends by analyzing this data over time. We create interactive dashboards that check the pulse of your business in time. We create predictive models to help understand and forecast.

ATSA Corp embraces the cloud in business. We will help you migrate and operate in the cloud. For this we have partnered with Microsoft Corp.


Data Science 70%
Business Intelligence 80%
Dashboards 85%
Business Apps 85%
Cloud Adoption 75%

Aloke Mukherjee

Chief Data Scientist

Technologist, experienced in Data Analytics/Data Science. Starting with exploratory data analysis, confirmatory data analysis leading to BI dashboard generation, using and creation of Predictive Models.
Software designer and developer with extensive experience; from idea, concept to creation and delivery of product. Focused primarily on Web based technology in developing highly scalable Business Web Applications.

Mike Scirrocco

Chief Software Designer

Technologist, experienced in creating amazing software by design. With over 10 years of experience in the software and app development using waterfall as well as agile methods. Mike is an expert on the Microsoft development stack.

Sergio Rocha

Chief Business Development Officer

Over ten years of experience in the marketing and sales, Sergio is an expert in BizDev. Sergio has run his own IT business before he joined our company. A consummate entrepreneur, Sergio has brought the same keenness to the table at ATSA Corp.

Our Clients