Date: 21 Oct 2013
Cat: Data Science

Data Science / Machine Learning Consultant Privately Funded Project

Use R programming (using R-Studio/Packages) to rank best and worst hospitals in the State. Use R to estimate home and land prices in county of Santa Cruz, CA.


  • The objective was to rank the hospitals as best and worst in a State, depending on the care outcome measured for only three categories – heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia. Raw data available in CSV file. The file is a cleaned version of data available online. The project was used in the publication of a thesis on hospitals in the country. The function is scripted in R using R-Studio and different Packages.
  • Estimating land/home prices using a multivariate gradient descent predictive model. Predictive model is dependent on variables such as location (ZIP code), no. of bedrooms, sq. footage. Estimates made 5 years into the future. Data is collected from CSV files (open data sources).

Primary tolls used: R, R-Studio, R- Packages