Date: 21 Oct 2015
Cat: Dashboards, Data Apps, Data Science, Websites

2013 – Present

Applied data analytics and modeling techniques to Human Resources and Finance data to create Business Intelligence Dashboards, Reports for C-Level and Business Managers.

Delivered visually pleasing dashboards with actionable data. Used by the Core Technologies Division, these heat-mapped dashboards, are able to get a fix on and drill-down (hierarchical – based on org structure) by performance metrics / KPIs detrimental to the division productivity.


  • Human Resources – Automate data gathering and link to Human Capital Metrics (HCM) presentation-stack for EVP/VP and up level reporting (EMC BRS). Tableau, Excel used as a means of data display.
  • Scorecard – an online app that gauges performance based on specific HCM at EMC BRS/CTD. Heat-mapped to show areas of improvement. Initially created in Excel transferred to Tableau and then to Pyramid Analytics Dashboard.
  • WFPOR – Online app to track and categorize the recruitment/hiring by positions, locations, urgency of need. For EMC CTD. C# web service with MS SQL dB data and ASP.Net front end.
  • Added “Inside EMC” pages for HR (EMC – CTD) and Finance (EMC – CTD)