Date: 21 Oct 2015
Cat: Dashboards, Data Apps, Websites

2010 – Present
EMDR Institute

A focused commercial website that has over 50,000 unique views per month. The site gets domestic and international users who sign-in for information, conference registration, certification and products. The proper maintenance, update and reporting on the traffic to the site has helped company maintain a close relationship with the customer and drive sales/profit up.

Maintain client database and produce Dashboards, Reports. Analyze web traffic on site CMS Website created to sell services and products and provide educational information. Services are generally classes. Web traffic information stored in MySQL dB, analyzed using Dashboard created with Tableau and Power BI. Clients register pay using web services that was created using Python, data updated using custom web-interface. Data produced used in focusing sales efforts. Trained and consulted on Tableau self-service Dashboard usage.

Primary tools used: Tableau/Tableau Server, Excel, Power BI, php/MySQL, web services (REST) with Python