To get a better understanding of your business, you need a clear view of your data.

We believe data analytics is the key to understanding where your business has been and therefore where it is headed. An understandable representation of your data, based on measurable metrics, is what makes it actionable. Actionable data keeps enterprise focused and profitable.
Our services are centered around data. We will collect, clean and transform your data, so that it is properly structured for analysis. We will report on this data and create dashboards. To help you manipulate , edit and update the data we develop business applications, deployed on premises or in the cloud .

Skill Set

C# / VB.Net 85%
R 75%
Tableau 80%
ASP.Net 80%
LightSwitch 68%
SQL / NoSQL 75%

Core Services

Data Science

The question facing every company today is how to use data effectively — not just their own data, but all the data that’s available and relevant. We use the holistic approach of data science to effectively gather data, massage it into a tractable form, make it tell its story, and present that story to others.

Data Applications

Business collects data. You need a means of manipulating, editing and changing this data. We develop your business data apps using the Microsoft development stack to do this including the Azure platform.

Data Dashboards

Visualizing and presenting data is what makes it actionable. Data dashboards are essential in visualizing, sharing your data. We use a wide variety of tools to develop your dashboards. We keep it simple and let the data tell its own story.

Cloud Services

Adopt the cloud, not just for storage but as a platform and service. Use the cloud to collaborate. We can show you how. From simple Office 365 installs to Azure as IAAS/PAAS. Modern business can use the power of the cloud to move forward.

Other Services

Your business website is the window to the world. You want it to be attractive, functional and to stand out. You want viewers to keep coming back to it. We will design, develop and deploy a modern, attractive website for you.

Office 365 is a subscription based online office and software-plus-services suite which offers access to different software and service built on the Microsoft platform. It is your office in the cloud. ATSA Corp will set up your company with an Exchange account, migrate your existing mailboxes to this account. We will create your collaboration space in Office 365 with a SharePoint site.

SharePoint is the web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite. With SharePoint ATSA Corp can combine various functions which are traditionally separate applications: intranet, extranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, enterprise search, business intelligence, workflow management, web content management, and an enterprise application store.